Physical Therapy

Cranked up to 11

Our clinical design is based on a concept in therapy called "enriched environments." Brightly colored, open clinical spaces with music, natural light, and a large variety of therapeutic activities creates an uplifting atmosphere. Such an environment makes therapy more enjoyable and consequently, more beneficial. Couple that with our focus on high-intensity restorative therapies and you have Level innovative approach to physical rehabilitation.


Golf Fitness

tpi certified experts

Golfing can be one of the most strenuous sports on the human body. A static stance followed by a significant rotational "swing" component involves just about every joint in the body. Such repetitive movements require that the body move efficiently from the toes to the fingertips in order to play well, play consistently, and most importantly, to avoid injury. Level Eleven's Golf Fitness Program will evaluate your strength, flexibility, range of motion, and functional movement capabilities. Through a comprehensive physical assessment and analysis, Level Eleven can help you improve your golf game while simultaneously improving your overall health and physical performance.



help from a horse of course (of course)

Level Eleven has clinicians trained in the practice of "Hippotherapy" which is "the use of horseback riding as a therapeutic or rehabilitative treatment, especially as a means of improving coordination, balance, and strength." Our clinicians LOVE their horses and have longstanding relationships with them to ensure the therapeutic process goes off without a hitch.


I love the Caring & Understanding staff, one on one attention you receive and the different exercises that you can only find there. Not your “normal” PT which makes it fun & has benefited me.
— Dawn Hockin, Michigan

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