What is Recovery?

At Level Eleven Physical Therapy, we approach therapy comprehensively in order to:

Rebuild - Disease or injury inflicts a significant toll on the human body. Muscles atrophy, endurance weakens, bones demineralize, circulation slows, and range of motion decreases. Level 11 begins treatment with a focus on rebuilding what has been lost, strengthening the body, increasing flexibility, and improving overall health.

Restore - For the first time in history, research has proven that neurological restoration of the central nervous system is possible! Experts at Level 11 have learned the methods used in contemporary research to implement activity-based restorative therapies. Our goals move beyond what has been benchmarked, effectively stimulating a paradigm shift in physical medicine and redefining the standard of care.

Recover - Recovery means more than fixing a damaged brain, spinal cord, body part or disease process. Recovery is empowerment, recovery is independence, recovery is ambition. A successful rehab program does not fix a problem to change a function, it rebuilds, restores, and recovers the human spirit to change a life.

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