Golf Fitness

Golfing can be one of the most strenuous sports on the human body. A static stance followed by a significant rotational "swing" component involves just about every joint in the body. Such repetitive movements require that the body move efficiently from the toes to the fingertips in order to play well, play consistently, and most importantly, to avoid injury. Level Eleven's Golf Fitness Program will evaluate your strength, flexibility, range of motion, and functional movement capabilities. Through a comprehensive physical assessment and analysis, Level Eleven can help you improve your golf game while simultaneously improving your overall health and physical performance.

Golf Fitness Analysis - $250

  • Three individualized sessions with one of our Golf Fitness Professionals
    • Session 1: Functional Movement Evaluation, Bio-mechanical Analysis, Golf Swing Analysis
    • Session 2: Review test results, Address deficit areas*, Instruction on proper body mechanics
    • Session 3: Address deficit areas*, Formulation of a Home Exercise Program

* Upon identification of significant physical deficits, our physical therapist will speak with your physician about physical therapy interventions that may help remedy problem areas.

Golf Fitness Group Instruction - $50 per individual

  • Instruction in proper body mechanics as related to the game of golf
  • Assessment of flexibility, strength, and range of motion
  • Basic swing analysis and tips
  • Instruction on proper stretching and warm-up
  • Each individual will receive a booklet on exercises and stretching reviewed in the course
Golf Fitness
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